Jobbing it in Chi-city, part three

When it comes to an interview, you want your personality to shine, but not too much.Sexy, but not too sexy.
Show some skin, but not too much skin.
A little ankle, maybe some cleavage, but hey, this ain't no free show.
Dressy, but not too dressy.

What better way to show your personality and character but through an awful '70s-looking retro tie? Thrifted, of course.
Psh, you think I'll pay full price for a 100% silk tie when my student loans are sky high?

Natural leather belt from URBN $4.99, Baldwin 14oz Karabo "the Henley," American Apparel blue oxford button down, Billtornade sport coat, thrifted awful retro tie $1, thrifted diagonal stripe tie bar $1, Filson tote without zipper.


  1. Tie looks great, as does the tie bar... I have heard numerous times from just about everyone never to wear jeans to an interview, even if they dress casual to work. We can wear jeans to our company but I don't think anybody who wore them to a first interview would be asked back for a second.

  2. That's probably because London = proper, you posh spaz. But I agree; Jeff made a risky move. Think it paid off, though, because now there's such a thing as "dressy" jeans. But I'm not sure I'd be as ballsy.

  3. Hahaha that just won the award for best response to a slightly backhanded compliment. I guess it all depends on what he is interviewing for. If it's a creative job they might like that, if it's banking they probably won't. I would probably always wear a suit to an interview just to show I have one and I know how to use it really well.

  4. Glen- I mean, when you're selling selvedge denim, you like to rep the product...

    Seth - A risky move, indeed. We'll see if it pays off. Ballsy? Yes. Banksy? Probably.

    David - To quote a famous lyricist, Jay-Z, "I'm not a business man, I'm a business, man." And about that suit....yeah....about that.

  5. a little ankle. . . gets me every time. also, i saw your hits. i'm number 3000 and i'm feeling good about it

  6. Oh well that's a different story all together, when you're selling denim, you had better be wearing that shit. I work with jewelry and watches and I always make sure I wear some of what I sell, if you're not a believer of your product the customer won't be either. Jay-Z quote was dead on there.


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