patagonia winter 2011 sale 30% off

If you waited all winter for the Patagonia Web Specials to go live like me, your time has finally arrived. It's not much off, maybe some tax, but hey, grab it now while you still can. I've snagged some baggies after their summer sale and now I'm waiting for my paycheck to go in to grab a down sweater. Here are my top picks that you need for the winter, if you don't already have them:

Fleece, Shell and a Down Jacket:
Fleece will keep you warm, but won't necessarily block the wind.
Shell will block the wind, but won't keep you as warm.
Down jacket will keep you warm and block the wind.

men's marsupial synchilla for $62.30, was $89

men's insulator for $104, was $150

men's down sweater $140, was $200.

 Or just take care of it all & grab this:
men's retro-x jacket for $140, was $200
The Retro-X doesn't look windproof, but, it is and breathable and warm and everything Chewbacca would want. The fleece and shell will last you into spring and even summer for a chilly night. 
Overall, the bargains are great but are going to continue to drop as they flush through more inventory. So if there is something you really want, grab it now but wait a little bit if you want to risk it for 40% off.

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