Jobbing it in Chi-city, part two

For my second day of interviews*, I didn't wear a tie or a dress shirt. It was cold, and I wanted to be warm yet still professional....looking....sort of. The day before, I picked up the perfect sweatshirt from Jack Spade and I really wanted to wear it on this dreary day. Why not be comfortable and stylish, so I pulled an "easy card" and threw a sport coat over it. Really, that's all it takes. Just put a freaking blazer or sport coat (that fits, mind you) over your top.

It was a drab day in the city with my concrete camouflage outfit.

I think what made this outfit work was the slim fitting sweatshirt under the sport coat. The shark socks were a nice little touch to let you know that in fact, I do have a soul and a sense of humor. Sharks are always funny, right?

Billtornade grey wool sport coat, Marc by Marc Jacobs slim fit trousers, Jack Spade "Burkee" sweatshirt sale $62.50 reg $120, Nordstrom 1901 blue suede bucks sale $44 reg $99, Merona for Target shark socks $2.50 (you can get these now at your local Target, along with spiders, skulls, shamrocks and flamingos.

*These weren't really interviews. These were more or less prearranged times to informally meet important people, smile and match my face to that resume as I handed it over. Brownie points awarded to make note on the color of my resume.


  1. LOVE LOVE the socks!! And the sweatshirt/blazer thing. Good luck on the search, keep us posted!

  2. will do, Isa!

    I was actually just watching Modern Family the other day and saw Phil was rocking the sweatshirt and the blazer. Phil is the man.

  3. hey, I started reading your blog recently via Made to Travel, and I love your guys style :) I hope you dont mind I featured one on these photos on my tiny blog here: http://ladyemmy.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/photo-love/ Let me kno either way:)


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