Friday Find: Jack Spade Under $150 bags

I've had the number dialed into my phone before, seconds away from calling to order this bag:
jack spade bag in navy/green was $225, now $97.50
jack spade bag in red/purple was $195, now $136.50

Why you need a bag like this: You're not in college anymore. I've always liked tote bags and hated carrying a messenger bag/crossbody. I never liked TimBuk2 bags when it comes to the commuting supplies. I'm sure they are totally worth it, but not my style. My Filson Tote can be a little drab with the colors and I like a pop every once in awhile, plus these would look dope in spring & summer.
And if you're not ready for some color, then grab one of these:
jack spade bag in brown/black was $195, now $136.50
3 Jack Spade tote bags for under $150 bucks a pop? Deal.


  1. they are selling these bags for $99 on Gilt today if you haven't picked one up yet

  2. I bought the (not on sale/often out of stock) yellow version a few weeks ago. The rubber dip coated base matches the rubber dip coating on all of my Grandfather's tools, which are now my tools. Awesomeness.

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  4. How cool is that bag! Those would look dope in spring and summer. I love the colors and the simplicity of the design.

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  5. its funny cuz I now carry this as an addition to my tried and tru timbuk2.


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