One sport coat, three looks.

Jeff's still here. We also got a little carried away with the camera. The lens brought out the worst best in us, and Jeff wanted to show how one sport coat can be used in a variety of different looks.

Jeff: You do not need many jackets or sport coats in your wardrobe. Perhaps a blue blazer and a grey sportcoat. Whatever is your style and the season. However for the winter, I got my hands on a grey sport coat and having been experimenting with different ways to wear it. 3 looks, 1 sport coat. The sport coat is a Billtornade one, shrunken size small. I'm 6'2 and about 150lbs, soaking wet.

WORK: Ok, not so professional. Gotta stay on the grind.
Baldwins "the Henley", Filson tote, 1901 blue bucks.

CASUAL: Why not throw a blazer over your sweatshirt.
Jack Spade slim fit crewneck, Marc by Marc Jacobs slim fit slacks.

PLAY: Striped tee and sport coat. Sure.
American Apparel tee, Gant by Michael Bastian F/W destroyed khakis, thrifted Bass shoes.

Why you need a good sportcoat?
WORK: Throw it on over a button down for an interview.
CASUAL: Throw it on over a sweatshirt so you make your look at little more put together but comfortable.
PLAY: Throw it on over a t-shirt and pray for the coming of spring to arrive with some stripes.

Go ahead and throw a sportcoat over your t-shirt and jeans, hell, even try it over a slim-fitting sweatshirt.


  1. Haha that first photo is awesome. Definitely some good looks. The navy blazer is probably my favorite thing to wear because it instantly takes the rest of the outfit up a notch. Today I gotta roll all three of the looks into one since I'm going straight from work to the bar so I'm going with a navy blazer, an OCBD, a repp tie, jeans and loafers.

  2. Haha, we were debating whether or not to put the "grinding" one up...but we said to hell with "professionalism" and threw it in to mix it up. I mean, when you got Yeezy playing, you know.

    I left my blue blazer back in Kansas City, in lieu of the wool sport coat being a little warmer for this windy city. And I forgot my damn coat thinking it was in the 50s. Wrong, it's still cold.

  3. I love the striped tee and jacket combo, and I'm not a huge fan of anything but a button down under a sport coat/blazer.

  4. Absolutely. A blazer over something without a collar generally looks sort of seedy. Kind of like a v-neck sweater over a crew-neck T-shirt. Weird. Nice when it works to break the rule, though.


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