INSPIRATION: Jimmy Darmody from Boardwalk Empire

Each Sunday evening over the summer, a group of us Kansas City gentlemen would gather around the projector to drink booze and watch Boardwalk Empire. Each week we'd mix drinks, sit, watch some Scorsese and gulp sip down the scotch. We were enchanted by the boardwalk and gripped by the character development

We were also amazed and inspired by the classic '20s menswear with its badass suits, fabrics and accessories. It wasn't the suits and the swagger that particulary stuck out to me, it was more of one character's utilitarian and rugged feel. Boardwalk Empire's Jimmy Darmody is a character who's hairstyle and wardrobe I'm all about right now.

No "dress" shoes today, even though Darmody would be rocking a sick pair of wingtips. I opted for my more casual Clarks. I'm sort of rocking a hybrid long hairstyle of his right now (short-ish sides, long on top, swept rakishly back and to the side), along with dark colors, shirts buttoned up without ties and general badass demeanor. Right? Ha. Right.

"No, just leave it without the tie," said Seth as I was preparing to head out the door. I thought, "Alright, we'll try it." So, I left it and actually liked it. That's right about when I felt a little Boardwalk Empire with the shirt without the tie, buttoned all the way up.

Brown leather jacket and belt, black denim, grey utility shirt with a pop of burnt orange/red/sangria lining to match my laces on my brown boots. Hate it or love it, but I had fun with this look today.

"Slim Jim" dry black-coated denim (Standard Style, winter sale $75) by Nudie Jeans, size 31x34; 2-year-old leather Wallabees (Cargo Largo, sale $40) by Clark's, size 11 w/ replacement "Sangria" laces (J.Crew, $4); "End-On-End" Utility Shirt (Oliver's, $69.50) by J.Crew, slim small; leather bomber jacket (thrifted, $6.99) size 40; brown leather belt w/ brass (Country Club Plaza, winter sale $4.99) by J.Crew.


  1. Pretty much how a leather jacket shouldn't fit, IMO

  2. Nothing wrong with opinions. Care to elaborate?

  3. Little loose around the belly and under the armpits, creates some bagginess around the biceps and midsection.

  4. Well snap, I guess that's what I get for paying $6.99 for a authentic leather jacket. Let me know if you can find a size 36 torso, 14.5 inch neck and long enough in the sleeves and torso that will fit my 6'2, 150lb runner frame that isn't going to break the bank....

  5. what a fabulous ensemble! I adore the lining of this jacket, it's like a little surprise! I have this coat with a mustard-colored lining and it's quite spiffy.

  6. The lining of that jacket is beyond amazing. You seriously always score the best thrifted pieces...I wish I had that kind of luck.

  7. I'm so jealous of that jacket. Smaller things are always such a win for me when thrifting, I've found so many fantastic coats just to swim in them when I try them on.

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