RENT MONEY: Spring Digs

A note on the the "rent money" category: This is what we'd likely spend our cash on if we didn't have to pay to keep roofs over our heads. Or if we had a family fortune to squander. Or if we had one of those McDonald's play pits that, instead of party balls, was filled with dollar bills. File these items under "want." But stick around—you'll find a workable solution at the end of this clothing lust. (Twist!)

Spring is tapping on the door right now. Pretty soon she'll be knocking, and eventually she'll be kicking it in. In preparation, I've accumulated some of my favorite items for this upcoming spring, most of which are way out of my price range. For right now, we'll call them sartorially aesthetic pieces of inspiration.

Gitman Vintage Linen and Chambray Shirt - £119 (~ $193.65) via endclothing.co.uk

Woolrich Woolen Mills Chambray Shorts - $169 - via shopwharf.com

Yuketen - $300+ - via Context Clothing

Penfield - $150 - via penfieldusa.com

Jean Paul Gaultier - $75 - via openingceremony.us - I mean,
it's gonna rain, and you're gonna need an umbrella, right?

See what I mean about out of my price range? Let's do some quick math. Those five items? Pushing $900. Last I checked, I didn't have that kind of wampum to drop on one set of clothes. But here's how I hacked the system:

You don't have to toss 9 Benjamins out the window to get this look. Take the shorts, for instance. Front cargo pockets are gaining popularity, and for good reason—they're functional (cargo is such an ugly word though). Anywho, if you've got an old pair of pants that goes without wear these days, find a friend who knows how to sew (and preferably enjoys doing so). Have him or her cut and hem your pants into shorts, using the extra fabric to make front button pockets on the thighs, like the WWM shorts above - this obviously requires a few buttons. This allows you to control the length of your inseam and where the shorts will hit on your leg. Then, pass them 10 to 20 bucks for their hard work, and you've got a pair of dope shorts for spring.

Just an idea, but repurposing old stuff you've fallen out of love with will save you cash and give you something new at the same time. We currently have a pair under construction - photos to follow upon their completion.


  1. Nice post, I like the shorts idea!

  2. The Chicago wind already blew out my first Walgreens umbrella of the year. Actually considering investing in something more substantial now, haha. If you suddenly come into an assload of money let me know how the J.P.G. x Opening Ceremony one works out.


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