Friday Wrap-Up: Hey there, April, throw us a bone

So look, April. You're being kind of being a tease, and we're getting sick of it. You're yes, then you're no; you're in, then you're out; you're up, then you're down. But worst of all, you're hot, then you're cold. I mean, it was 71ยบ last week for crying out loud.

Listen. We've got some good posts planned for springtime, and you're really holding us back. So do you like us or not? Now that we've got the DTR out of the way, here's a photo that's more wishful thinking than anything else:

Straight henley weather. We're over this layering bullshit.

Friday Wrap-up – If you're just now joining us, here's a throwback to a few of our posts you might have missed from previous weeks:
And from others we love around the Net (wait, is it not called that anymore?):

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  1. Yes, Chicago is a cruel and sadistic mistress. Today was definitely the worse, icy winds and rain. Wearing a wool coat in winter is not fun. :(

    Congrats on the Refinery 29 feature!


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