midweSTYLE: Cords and Ralph

This week has consisted of rain, sleeping on the ever-so-unfortunate blow-up air mattress that is currently my bed, booze, more sleeping on my ever-so-unfortunate blow-up air mattress that is currently my bed, and work.  The good news is however is that today is pay day. Which means I can order all of those  (un)necessary items that have been stock piling up in my Amazon.com shopping cart, such as this mattress, steamer and this t-shirt.

But while we're on the subject of necessary items, an umbrella is one of them. 

This should be probably featured under "Thrifty Thursday" because that same "ex-roommate who gave me their dad's friend's briefcase" also gave me this leather-handled, khaki Ralph Lauren umbrella. This umbrella probably cost more than a student loan of mine and I'm okay with that.

Much like Cam, I'm a boots and blazer kind of guy.


Brown "8878" suede boots (Halls, sale $78) by Red Wing Shoes, size 11; khaki "RB15-X" corduroy  trousers (Haberdash, $50) by Rag & Bone, size 30; leather and brass belt ($4.99) by J.CREW, size 30; green-striped oxford cloth button down (eBay, $15) by Gitman Brothers, medium; thrifted school-boy tartan tie ($1.99); thrifted grey and blue check wool vest ($4.99); grey sportcoat (Halls) by Billtornade, small; leather-handled khaki umbrella (ex-roommate's dad's friends) by Ralph Lauren.


  1. Killer outfit and LOVE the umbrella! A cane length parapluie is so classic and dapper!

  2. The thick soles on those boots continue to bug me, for some reason. Perhaps because they sort of evoke orthotic inserts...

    Digging the vest and cords, though.

  3. Dig the whole outfit, I have the same pair of boots only in a brighter brown. I think they really distinguish the look and will be around for a while. I see that timex to, top 5 purchase for me, can't beat it.

  4. love the outfit! love the blog!

  5. I like it. I would try this same outfit but instead of jeans, I would do trousers and some more stream lined shoes. Looks good though.

  6. That's smart outfit. I like it very much.


  7. I've been looking for the same umbrella shown here that looks good with my khaki pants. Nice get up you got there, I'll surely try and get something like that.

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  8. Oh I absolutely LOVE this outfit! Gorgeous!!

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  9. its a good blog.



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