midweSTYLE: Urbanautical

Does this clash?
Is that a "woman's" clutch?
It's a worn leather dossier/clutch/folio/wallet.
Did I pick up this gold watch at Target thinking it was a "man's" watch?
Did I find out the next day that three of my female friends already had it because it's a "boyfriend" watch?
Do I wear it anyway?

If we're being honest here, fit, design and function trump whatever's on the label—even if it's two letters like "wo" in front of "man." That's why we each have a coat or two in our hall closets that button up from the left side. Looks the same, works the same and in some cases fits better.

Gold watch, carmel leather details and stripes. What do you think?

Nautical striped boatneck long-sleeve tee (Standard Style) by Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen, small; "The Henley" 14-ounce Karabo fabric (Standard Style, $198 in store, $220 shipped) by Baldwin Denim, size 28; vintage brown caramel dress shoes (thrifted in New Haven, Conn., $6.99); gold "boyfriend" watch (Target, $12.99) by Merona; authentic vintage clutch (garage sale, $2) by Coach.

Photos by Seth Putnam.


  1. I love caramel-colored leather and navy together. Simple, yet polished - I like it.

  2. I love that you sometimes wear things typically designed for women. I often wear men's blazers and button-downs, and had a 20-minute argument with a saleslady at Wal Mart convincing her that yes, I did want to buy that men's watch for myself, and no, I did not need a gift receipt.

  3. Tights - I'm not going to lie, I get inspiration from womenswear. But I've already made that known before.

    HOLLA - Thanks dear.

  4. Clothing items have become increasingly androgynous in the 21st century so I'm not seeing an issue with any of the items you're wearing in this outfit. I'm currently sitting here in a 1970s pearl snap plaid shirt that is actually a guy's (it fits way better than any women's button down I've ever bought, weird I know). I'm also oddly enjoying how your man clutch matches your loafers!

  5. Personally, I don't think I could ear a shirt or coat that buttons up on the left side. But I support your sartorial right to choose!


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