Thrifty Thursday: Tortoise Sunglasses

Let's talk about gafas del sol. For those who don't speak Spanish, that's español for "gafas of the sol." Or sunglasses. Whichever you prefer.

I've never been much of a sunglasses guy. Never paid much attention. But Chicago Summer '011 is shaping up to be a hot one, and I'd better be ready for all the days I'm going to spend lazing around on the beach, running into the water, saving lives, playing sand volleyball in my dog tags with Slider and Iceman, beach soccer, and maybe doing a little bit of work outside if there's time.

I've been in the market for some '60s throwback sunglasses, like these RayBan Clubmasters. So, I was pumped when I found these tortoise keyhole sunglasses at Seek Vintage yesterday. Though not the exact look I was seeking (see what I did there, eh, eh?), they were 10 bucks. Hard to beat. I mean, sure, I'd love to have these Persol retro sunnies, but I'd rather save $300. (File under: #sacrifices and #rentmoney.)

What we care about is achieving a classic look regardless of name/brand. And when we can do that for 3 percent of the price, well, our work here is done.

Check your local thrift store, or pick some old knock-off Wayfarers up for $6. Sure, they're cheap. But $160 sunglasses break just the same when you step on them.

Tortoise keyhole sunglasses (thrifted, $10).


  1. Another place to check out for cheap sunglasses is Sunglass warehouse. Unfortunately, they never have an imitation of the exact style I'm looking for, but I did pick up a pair of these in tortoise shell (http://www.sunglasswarehouse.com/swfast14.html) and have been happy with them.

  2. YES. Those are awesome. Had a similar pair from Cheap Monday, buuuut they broke. Womp, womp.

  3. Man i have to say, I see your point on Persols. They are bitchin’ and not just because Steve McQueen used a set. But I have to stand by the Ray ban 4140's I broke down and bought last year.
    I love the water and if you are on a boat at all you will want polarized. That is what a friend told me who does a fair amount of deep sea fishing. I spent the extra and not I find myself taking care of them and not sitting on them.
    they look wayfarer-ish but they fit my smaller face.




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