Thrifty Thursday: White Linen Blazer

Yeah, we know. Two blazer posts in one week? Two posts of Cam in one week? Two posts of Cam in a blazer in one week? Maybe a little excessive. But thanks to the weather, we won't be able to feature these much longer (fingers crossed). The relevant detail to this particular post is the white linen blazer he snagged from a thrift store for about three George Washingtons. You read that correctly: $3.

The point here isn't necessarily to show off cool clothes. It's to demonstrate that workable style is doable on the cheap. After some very unscientific price-guessing, I'll estimate that if purchased new, this whole outfit would push $775 retail. But what you see here cost less than $265. Plus, you're not spending those numbers every single time you put on a set of clothes. Each piece of the pie can be mixed and matched with the other items in your wardrobe. Which allows you invest in the glasses, the boots, etc.—the stuff Cam's wearing with several different outfit combinations.

By far, the biggest savings are coming from the jacket. Three dollars compared to the $150, $200, $300 you could expect to drop for a nice blazer? No contest. As long as you've got an idea of 1) what you need and 2) what looks good, you can find some great bargains at thrift stores. Of course, be prepared to not find anything, either. Only pull the trigger if it's got a place in your closet.

Linen blazer (thrifted, $3) size 36; J. Crew broken-in chinos (retail, $60), size 31; brogue boots (Urban, $80), size 10; vintage, U.S.-made oxford (eBay, $10) by Gant, size 14.5-33; black cardigan (thrifted from Jeff's closet) by Merona, small; tartan tie (outlet, $15) by J.Crew; Preston eyeglasses (warbyparker.com, $95) by Warby Parker.

Photos by Bethany Jones.


  1. Love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. I'm hoping to open a Premium Menswear Swap in Chicago area by the end of the year - Look out for OLD MAN FANCY.


  2. That tie clip is awesome! I think I have that same watch (from J. Crew?) except with the white face instead of black, too. I absolutely love all the different wristband options - it's the only watch I need!

  3. I love how most of you have military watches. You can get a timex military as cheap as $20 at walmart here in OK (all black, I like the JCrew ones, but sort of pricey!) I bought the broken in urban fit chinos from JCrew a couples weeks back, love them as well! Great outfit, sir. Oh and warbyparker.com is a Godsend ha!

  4. @Speaking Nonsense and Brian McDonough - the watch is actually a cheap eBay purchase, some 18 dollar military watch that you can still do the whole strap switch with. It was a steal, but I'm sure it won't last as long as the J. Crew Timex will, ha.

  5. Oh geez, I'm a lady and I have the same glasses and watch! My watch was a gift from my husband purchased on Amazon (Timex).


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