Friday Wrap-Up: End of March

Friday Wrap-Up: Posts that you may have missed this work that are worth checking out.

In other news...
When Will asks, we deliver.
It's just that simple: Friday Presentations, (April) fools.

Jeff: "Slim Jim" dry coat black denim (Standard Style, winter sale $75) by Nudie Jeans, size 31x34; Salmon OCBD (Country Club Plaza, $69) by American Apparel, size small; mustard suede shoes (Nordstrom, winter sale $44) by 1901, size 11; grey charcoal blazer (Halls, sale $220) by Billtornade, small.

Seth: brown woven and tasseled loafers (thrifted, $6) by Giorgio Brutini, size 8; Nantucket "Davis"slim chino (Wicker Park, $68) by Club Monaco, size 29x32; White OCBD ($60) by J.Crew, slim small; Madras spring tie by J.Crew.

Photos by Oliver Drambour. Get on back to Chi soon, son.


  1. Awesome photos. I'd probably sprain my ankle trying to do a karate kick like that!! Those chinos Seth has on are great, and nice for spring/summer. Keep it up!

    Best Regards,

    Rei Fernandez
    The Common Grounds

  2. The Midwestyle guys are masters of the jumping shot, I always look like a dork when I try it!

  3. I think the black jeans are making coming around this summer; I'm a fan. Very fitting outfits.

  4. David - White boys can jump?


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